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05.16.2012 , 08:24 AM | #1
Hi guys,

do u know which ability from the fabricator puts the armor debuf on tank....

Several sources in the internet saying it is "Plasma Leash" but when I look to the ability effect of "Pummel" from torhead...

Pummel has this line in it

"SetDescription: Description=>"Armor reduced by 16% per stack."
And its damage type...
"WeaponDamage: StandardHealthPercentMin=>0.2, Slots=>[ PrimaryMelee ], StandardHealthPercentMax=>0.2, FlurryBlowsMax=>1, AmountModifierPercent=>-1, IgnoreDualWieldModifier=>1, FlurryBlowsMin=>1, IsSpecialAbility=>1"

So it is Weapon Damage and defendable for my Sith Assassin with Deflection CD for 12s....

Now on the other hand,

Plasma Leash

"SpellDamage: SpellType=>Tech, StandardHealthPercentMin=>0.1, Slot=>None, StandardHealthPercentMax=>0.1, DamageType=>Elemental"

is Spell Damage and doesn't mention anything about armor debuff...but this is armor debuff then I should use Force Shroud to delay the armor debuff..

Any idea, which one actually putting the debuff?