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Unfortunately, this is not an viable solution.
Players want to enjoy the content NOW, and get the Modable items which they can keep throughout their leveling adventures NOW, not have to come back 5+ levels later and solo the entire dungeon.
Then if you want that reward NOW, be prepared to find a group, or another individual person plus companions, to do it with. It's really that simple. Especially when we're not discussing instances, we're discussing heroic quests within a zone.

This is also not useful, since many players will elect to ignore other players, other than buffing them for courtesy sake and helping them out in a pinch (if the player is about to die) if they are able to. I do both the former and the latter all the time, but I rarely ever invite other players for Heroic 2 or 2+ zones, since thats what my companion is for.

If I am unable to complete said quest via attrition, then I simply move onto the next quest and do it later, 1 or 2 levels adjusted.
It's perfectly useful. It's not Bioware's job to make people play with you, it's yours. If you have trouble, find a group, play with friends, join a guild, change something to find more helpful and friendly people.

This is not an issue for quests, but becomes an issue for flashpoints, since the whole point behind a flashPoint is to have a group to do it with.
Given we're speaking of open world heroics, rather than flashpoints, this would indeed be useless. Though again, Bioware can't make people play with you. That's your job.

While Im perfectly fine with solo'ing or dual-boxing everything (where mathematically possible) by myself, (the end-game is my goal, not the leveling) most people play this game for the social aspects.

The goal is to make grouping "optional", not required, with the exception of course being the the end-game Raid encounters.
Grouping is optional. Heroics are optional quests. Just like all the other quests on a planet. For that matter, end game optional. The only quests that can be considered mandatory, are the class ones. Which thus far in my experience, haven't required a group to complete.

Having an overblown sense of entitlement doesn't change the fact that those quests are optional. If you want to get the rewards from those quests, then you have to do those quests....many of which require you to group up. Just like if you want the rewards from a have to do that raid.
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