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Sorry but making it so being can get tier 2 geared (black hole) from tier 1 flashpoints is a terrible idea. The current flashpoints, aside from LI, are meant to get you geared for Tier 1 raiding and they accomplish there goal. I'd be fine with vanity pets or another new mount or something but not tier 2 stuff.
What? You can get Tier 2 (black hole) gear just from doing the Corelia weekly. How would making them drop from each HM FP possibly be worse than that if you think it should be gated?

Have a weekly quest to complete say 3 HM FPs to reward 6 Black Hole commendations - would certainly get people doing FPs again!

And FPs certainly don't accomplish their goal of getting people geared for Tier 1 raiding. It is much better to actually do the T1 raids to get T1 gear and ignore FPs completley!

So completley agree with the OP - reason for doing HM FPs would be nice