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I'd probably put at least some of the HM FPs at least between NM EV and NM KP, if not easier than EV. Where Ops get the nod is that in normal mode, having 8 people can help cover weaker links. That said, I don't think the ops are HARD per say, but certain fights are just a bit more mechanics based than most FPs so it'll take a bit longer for a naive group (naive meaning a full group/raid worth of people who go in blind) to navigate normal ops than hard FPs.
Yes you are probably right here - I just didn't want to list each HM FP seperatley (there are other threads for that). I'm also assuming that guild would spend a couple of weeks to clear EV Story before moving onto KP Story in which case as you get 10 x Columi pieces per Op then this is usually a more efficent way to prepare gear wise for KP Story than running HM FPs.

A fresh faced Ops group (e.g. 8 people who have only got Oranges / Daily Modded gear) I think would have less wipes in EV Story than in the HM FPs.

But yes some of the HM FPs will be between EV Story and KP Story.

And to answer the Op EV / KP / EC all require 8 or 16 people. However 16 man versions are inexplicably harder and unless you fancy doing it just because it's fun I would avoid doing 16 man versions! For example 16 Man EV Story is harder than 8 Man EV Hard-mode grumble grumble grumble