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In my opinion;

Story Mode Eternity Vault (EV) OP
Story Mode Karagaas Palace (KP) OP
Hard Mode Eternity Vault (EV) OP
Hard Mode Karagaas Palace (KP) OP
Story Mode Denova (Explosive Conflict) OP

EV & KP Story & EV HM needs either 1 x Tank, 5 x DPS, 2 x Healers OR 2 x Tanks, 4 x DPS and 2 x Healers
KP HM really needs 2 x Tanks, 4 x DPS and 2 x Healers (can be done with some other creative thinking and swapping)
Denova (EC) needs 2 x Tanks, 4 x DPS and 2 x Healers

Hope that helps and of course is subjective.

And don't be put off by Raids. EV Story is pretty straight forward for a raid and in my opinion is a lot easier than HM FPs, drops lots more gear and is quicker to complete than a lot of FPs
I'd probably put at least some of the HM FPs at least between NM EV and NM KP, if not easier than EV. Where Ops get the nod is that in normal mode, having 8 people can help cover weaker links. That said, I don't think the ops are HARD per say, but certain fights are just a bit more mechanics based than most FPs so it'll take a bit longer for a naive group (naive meaning a full group/raid worth of people who go in blind) to navigate normal ops than hard FPs.