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Story Mode Denova (EXC) is harder than the hard modes of the previous tier of raid content (EV and KP).

For operations, your progession is going to look like: SM EV -> SM KP -> HM EV -> HM KP -> SM EXC -> NiM EV -> NiM KP -> HM EXC

I would recommend doing HM flashpoints to get some gear - tier 1.1 (aka Tionese) drops off bosses here and tier 1.2 (aka Columi) tokens drop from final bosses (except for Lost Island whose final boss drops a tier 1.3 Rakata token, but this is also the hardest flashpoint in the game right now). Run BT, BP, Foundry, FE, BoI, Kaon, D7, LI in that order.

Once most of your team has at least oranges with daily mods or some good assortment of tionese, you could start doing SM EV. In all honesty, if your guild is competent and you have voice comms and can work as a team, you would probably be better off doing SM EV to gear everyone up as much more gear drops in operations than FP and the time investment is about the same.

As for the world boss on Voss - he is a 16-man minimum, requires a special item to provide a buff during the fight and is considered to be on par with a HM Denova boss.
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