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You can start with the level 50 flashpoints on regular, but if you're able to, it's better to just begin in on hard mode flashpoints such as Black Talon, boarding party, foundry. Once you've got the gear from these you can progress on to battle of ilum, false emperor, etc. The hardest flashpoints are probably Kaon Under seige and of course, lost island (the latter of which I wouldn't attempt until you're at least nearly full columi geared).

For any of the operations (Eternity Vault, Karagga's Palace, and Denova) you'll need either 8 or 16 people. Once you've got moderate gear from flashpoints (mostly tionese and columi gear) you can group up and start normal mode EV and KP though I think EV is easier to gear up in columi gear. Once you have full or nearly full columi gear you can start in on the hard mode operations (which really don't differ substantially from normal mode in application) and Hard Mode lost island to begin gearing up Rakata.

Story Mode Denova is probably equal to if not harder than Hard Mode for EV and KP, which is why the drops are all Rakata and the black hole commodations are provided. While doing all of this, I would be sure your guild members are doing dailys when possible (in particular the dailys in the Black Hole for the 6 weekly black hole commodations) for rakata implants/earpiece, and campaign relics.