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Thank you for posting the video...editing is top notch and fits nicely with the beat of your music. I use Premiere a lot for various slide shows/videos and I appreciate the quality.

As for the pvp, also very nicely done. I like how you showcase the 2 specs side by side...nice use of kiting on those warriors, pillar hugging while force/cds play period.

Up until about 2 weeks ago, I largely solo-queued due to being in a guild with few people who pvped a result, a 31-0-10 spec was more suited to survival, however, I have since joined a pvp-oriented guild where the players use coordination and teamwork and we all know that makes a world of difference.

- The 23-1-17 is one I have used extensively with great success. (HEAVILY used when it was 23-0-18 and raze was usable in dark charge).
- In coordinated team play, there is less likelihood of someone on your team breaking your whirlwind or force lift, so the spec is more viable here.
- You still have almost all the utility as you would in a 31-0-10 spec (force pulls, knockdowns out of stealth) with the exception of the aoe slow/damage reduction. Sometimes wither is actually counterproductive imo because it's a guaranteed cc breaker. We burst down single targets whenever possible while ccing others, therefore rendering wither useless during that stretch.
- I can't count how many times the ranged aoe has saved a node/door cap.

- The 13-0-28 is also one I used during my "chronic respecitis" phase. (This is an addiction I have sought treatment for.)
- As you have said...burst and force management is very nice. Internal damage is great!
- I've had people send me tells saying that I hit much harder, asking if I respecced...although they also sent me tells asking if I respecced because I'm much more squishy.
- I have found that my damage in this spec (or full madness) is much higher and burst-oriented...I do not find myself dying a whole lot more than I would as darkness due to the fact that I understand it's a finesse build and don't try to stand toe to toe with a marauder or powertech...too many players make this mistake and wonder why they die fast....then come to the forums and complain that the class is broken.

- My only nitpick with the "Arika" spec (and believe me it's a small one...I don't mean to sound condescending here) is that you named it (this is funny)...I think anyone who plays an mmo who wants to be good and fully understand their class tries different specs. I've used this spec (and I'm sure many others have as well)...I just don't have a good enough computer or the inclination to fraps/stream myself. I guess you could compare it to a golf swing...There is a swing methodology known as the "stack and tilt". Although it's not used by many, there are still several players who use it...the bottom line is your'e still hitting a little white ball with a crooked stick...

- Anyway, thank you for posting the video...I enjoyed watching, found it informative and entertaining!