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During the Kephess fight, In the instnace Denova, we are experience a teleportation bug from kephess during the second phase of him being the ground. we refer to is as the 5th phase..

1st phase is 3 robots,
2nd phase is mob packs
3rd phase pulsar droids.
4th phase kephess 100%-60%
5th phase Kephess 60-0% <---- THIS IS WHERE THE BUG IS OCCURING

After he channels gift of the masters and pulls everyone in.

Our Tank 2 taunts off Tank 1, as he is low hp from the giant purple channeld skill.
Kephess is a giant purple monster at this point. After he punts tank 2, Tank 1 Taunts back so that tank 2 can go drop purple pools. THIS is where the problem is arising.

So lets recap Tank 1 has the boss at this point tanking Kephess. Tank 2 is currently dropping purple pools. Randomly Kephess is INSTANTLY teleporting to tank 2 (the tank dropping pools), and hitting him for 30k with "Savage Arching Slash". This happens anywhere from 2-10 seconds after tank 1 taunts off him. After teleporting to tank 2 he just starts running back at tank 1 as if nothing happened.

We are 100% sure that he is not leaping as one moment he is on tank 1 30 meters away and the next moment he is ontop of the corpse of tank 2.

The raid make-up is as folows

2 Sage healers
1 Guardian Tank
1 Vanguard tank
1 Sentinal DPS
2 Gunslinger DPS
1 Commando DPS

Not sure that it matters but i think that the tanks are guarding the slingers.
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