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05.15.2012 , 11:05 PM | #1
So we are running Karagga HM tonight (yeah I know we are behind the curve, but we only raid one night a week).. We are running Bonethrasher, one of our guys is standing on his backside health is around the 90% and all of a sudden he's down. We get a Brez off, rebuff and heal..

I'm standing behind him looking at his Jason Alexander tail from across the platform. Again I'm not at 100%, but all of a sudden I'm dead.

Anyone else experience this issue? I'm not lagging that I can tell. My ping isn't horrible its around 70ish or so which is pretty normal. I'm running a fairly decent machine (i7 with an ATI 6000 series card, 6 Gigs of Ram).. So I don't believe it is lag. When talking in vent people are like wth hit you? Oh and the Cats weren't even up yet.
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