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Oh. Oh. See, this was the order of operations for me, stumbling blind through this plot:
  1. Open Act 3
  2. blitz through the nine queued conversations, from "finally I kissed him and got him to smile, which was the purpose of this entire character and playthrough" to "married with legacy talk"
  3. Kill Draagh some more
  4. Betrayal
  5. Drag the sorry sod to the Baras fight in hopes of triggering special conversation stuff (no luck)
  6. Wail and gnash my teeth on the forums
  7. Fantasize revenge as I have never done before

So it looked to me like once the man ran out of self-control he just decided to use me for all I was worth, aware every single minute of what he would ultimately do to me, then fed me to the wolves. The killer mecha wolves. Talking about children, in retrospect, just seems sadistic.

To make matters even better, right after the betrayal I finished all my other companions' conversation lines and they all talked about possible children. I had a sudden desire for a [punch Jaesa] option...really, girl? I just had the world's messiest divorce and you want to talk about my rosy kid-filled future!?

I understand this was a very traumatic experience for you, and I'm sorry. But.....

LOL!!!!! Sorry, the way you described it was very funny. I couldn't help it.

In seriousness, though, your experience is exactly why I think the final legacy conversation was always meant to happen after the class storyline is completed. The game does not open past conversation #5 until after the end of Chapter 1, and does not open past conversation #10 until after Chapter 2. They should have blocked the final legacy conversation (maybe even the final 3) until after Chapter 3 is completed.

Also, even in your flow, it doesn't necessary means he intends to betray you all along. I think the theory of him being called upon by Baras after you got married, as well as the reasoning for his compliance, can still hold. Again, think of the Mofia analogy. Mofia bosses do ask their people to kill their wives if the wive is an enemy. And a duty-bound and honorable mofia member do still obey if he believes the wive is indeed putting the family in danger. He will be heartbroken, but he will still do it.