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I thought there was a literal "more than you can imagine" debt statement somewhere, possibly in the late-game confrontation, and I'd love to hear how Quinn delivers it.
This video has it. About 30 second into it. Basically, when the betrayal scene starts, if you chose the option "are you breaking up with me" Quinn tells you that it's not you or him, but it's Baras, and that he owes Baras more than you can imagine.

I paced my SW progress (yes, I was spoiled, too) and saved the last 3 conversations till after the betrayal, in the following order:
  1. Betryal
  2. Scene where he went all out to save the Darth, and subsequently said that he was making up for past indiscretions. At this point I chose to forgive him ("water under bridge" option)
  3. Technical Changes. I went the path of having him asking how long you were going to keep the distance attitude, and then he went on a limb since he's already dangling. At that point my SW admits that she felt the same way about him.
  4. Kill Draagh (for the 3rd time)
  5. Proposal (I thought story-wise, Quinn's statement of together they can achieve anything makes sense after defeating Draagh the 3rd time, especially since it was such a tough fight)
  6. Kill Baras (as a couple.)
  7. Final legacy conversation

The story felt smoother that way. The way the story played out for me was that Quinn joined the SW because that's the best and the only real option he has. (I really believe that's why he joined the SW. One of his post-marriage letter talking about if he was going to die young he would rather doing so fight in battle fields next to you instead of behind a desk in Dromund Kaas. To me, that implies he considered those being the only two career options, and stuck in Dromund Kaas is not really better than stuck in Balmorra).

Quinn spent the next few rounds of conversation trying to resist the SW's seductions because he's fully aware of the inevitable battle between SW and Baras. Unfortunately for him, his feelings betrayed him and he fell for the SW.

After Quesh, Baras thought SW was killed, and they were off his radar. Without the frequent presence of Baras to constantly pulling him the other direction, his feeling for the SW starts to get the upper hand. After SW helped him taking out the Boysce, he finally completely succumbed to his feeling for the SW and went into a relationship with her.

Unfortunately, taking out Boysce put them back on the radar and Baras realized that the SW was not dead, so he sent Draagh, for the second time, to take them out. When Draagh failed, Baras realized that he needed something more scheming and called in the debt that Quinn owes to him. I believe at this point Baras is fully aware that Quinn and the SW are involved. So whether or not Quinn succeeds, it's a big blow to the SW. It's a win-win for Baras.

To me, Quinn's decision to side with Baras is completely inline with his personality and values. I don't think Baras needed to do mind control. Quinn has always been conflicted about his relationship with the SW, concerned that it will cloud his judgement. Baras just needs to make Quinn believe that he was indeed compromised. Reason for siding with Baras is clear: it's for the Empire! Baras will lead the Empire to victory. He owes Baras everything. Everything just points that it's the right thing to do. Reason for siding with the SW is not as clear. SW is working for an absentee landlord whom Quinn does not believe has been doing his duty for the Empire. Siding with SW will be purely because of his relationship with the SW. So it's more for him and not for the Empire. Another word, siding with SW is a selfish act. It reminds me of those stories where the Mofia boss makes his most honorable/duty-bound son killing the woman he loves because she's "putting the family in danger". For someone as honorable and duty-bound as Quinn is, the conflict of interest alone requires him to take the path that results in his own personal pain.

Personally I don't think Quinn would ever betray the SW again. Quinn didn't betray the SW because of personal agenda or dislikes of the SW. Quinn's biggest tragedy is that he followed two masters, developed strong loyalty for both and has strong desire to see both succeed. When the two masters are in conflict he had to use his morale value to break the tie. After Baras's death and the Darth Council's approval of the SW, Quinn's moral values and personal desires are fully aligned. For the first time, he is truly "not conflicted". As long as the SW keeps Quinn by his/her side and don't enable the opportunity for Quinn to develop such loyalty for yet another master, Quinn will never betray the SW again.

(P.S. I really think the final legacy conversation of all classes is meant to be done much later, probably after the class quest. My female IA was not paced and married Vector as soon as she could, and his second letter talked about getting to know SCORPIO. My IA hasn't met SCORPIO, yet. It was so strange. I was like: who the hell is SCORPIO? Are you having an affair? )