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I found the "I owe him more than you can imagine" line! It happens if your femWarrior gets paranoid/jealous on the opening line:

"If you say 'it's not me, it's you,' I won't be held responsible for my actions." Love it

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Also I think there was a third option...I think...I was emotional at the time, or I might be thinking of another choice....oh now i'm not sure. >_<
I've never seen anyone take the middle "You're still useful to me." Honestly, who's going to be feeling level-headed and morally neutral at a time like that?

I think part of me as also just plain impressed that Quinn had the balls to try and take out the SW to begin with regardless of whether Quinn felt conflicted about it or not.
Ballsy he may be, but as far as I'm concerned setting himself against me puts him firmly in "too dumb to live" territory. Where he was clever, I always helped him carry out his plans; where he was brave, I always backed him up with my strength; where he's fatally stupid, hey, I won't deny him his just and rational reward.
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