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Version: 1.14
UPDATED: 5-15-12

*** Added a bunch of new Guides including YouTube footage of stuff that I thought might be useful to a newb looking to see some live warzone action.
*** Added more Recruit/Battlemaster gear stats such as prices, and other info.

1) Daillies, Commendations, and Valor
  1. Commendation Management
2) Gearing up for Warzones
  1. Level 1: Recruit <---UPDATED
  2. Level 2: Battlemaster <---UPDATED
  3. Level 3: War Hero
3) Expertise: What is it and what does it do?

4) Joining a Guild
  1. Teamwork
5) Skills and Consumables
  1. Skill: Taunt
6) The DO's and DON'T's of PvP

7) Warzone Guides <---UPDATED
  1. Hando's Civil War Guide
  2. Malissant's Civil War Guide
  3. Almar's Civil War Guide <---NEW
  4. Highcommander's Huttball Guide <---NEW
  5. Almar's Hutball Guide <---NEW
  6. Almar's Voidstar Guide <---NEW
  7. YouTube: The Holoterminal Ep. 10- SWTOR Warzone Tips - SWTOR Guides & News <---NEW
  8. YouTube: SWTOR - Warzone HuttBall PvP - Walkthrough <---NEW
  9. YouTube: SWTOR - Warzone HuttBall PvP - Walkthrough <---NEW
  10. YouTube: SWTOR - Warzone PvP Civil War - Walkthrough <---NEW
  11. YouTube: SWTOR - Warzone PvP Voidstar - Walkthrough <---NEW
8) Conclusion

1) Section on ripping Mods (with YouTube videos to illustrate)
2) Section on what gear pieces to buy first depending on your class.
3) Section dedicated to the use of markers (with pictures, videos, etc)
4) Section on stats specific to PvP

Let me know what else to add. Think I'm missing a critical 101 tip or section of some sort? Want to suggest a specific skil that you believe to be worthy of it's own section? Let me know by submitting your suggestion!!

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