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We had the bug where his AOE at 60% was killing us no matter how far we ran, that happened 3 or 4 times last night. Beyond that, We were having some lag issues and taunts not going off when people said they taunted. Now the taunt thing could them lying or what, but that isn't as much a bug but just input lag. The AOE thing was annoying, was funny cause it wouldn't kill everyone, we would all be stacked, and then bam 2/3 or so would just drop dead from near full HP.
They fixed the AOE range bug in last week's patch. For about a week or so, his purple AOE was larger than the actual radius shown so you couldn't run out. This has been resolved but only lasted about a week.

If you are trying to stack (not recommended), then Kephess is probably turning around and cleaving your party. Have everyone take a few steps back after being pulled in and you shouldn't have this problem anymore. Again, I'd simply recommend running out.

If you're worried about beating his engrage timer, you can throw light dps on Kaphess during the last Bomber Phase - after the bomber is down and while the party member is running to the walker/waiting for the fall animation. If you've done good hard burns on the previous two fall phases the walker should be below 20% health anyway. This isn't required but it is something you can try.