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I would beg to differ. Your strategy assumes a particular DPS composition, as well as *perfect* positioning on the part of both healers and the (minimum 2) ranged DPS. You can do it this way, and your DPS time will be a *little* higher, but it comes at a cost of being a much more volatile strategy. If anything goes wrong, you have to coordinate a target swap mid-fight.

A more stable strategy is the one where all members swap targets, but remain standing in the same place. Thus, Zorn will initially be on the left, Toth on the right. After the leap, Toth is on the left, then Zorn on the right. The problem with this strategy is it means the tank who starts on Zorn will end up getting all of Toth's frenzies, as well as the cone damage from Zorn. So, there's a lot more damage on that side. This is easily handled by letting the stronger spot healer handle that side, as well as biasing that side toward range.

With this strategy, there are no compositional assumptions. We one-shot this boss with all melee, all ranged, and mixtures in between using this strategy.
We run 16 mans only, and don't have any issues. Even if we have a melee heavy group, it usually consists of a couple marauders and in their case, they have leap that can swap with the tank/healer combo. I have done this in both 8/16 multiple times, and have tried several ways of doing the encounter, our way works best for our group.

I guess if you have lesser skilled players that cannot think on their own with regards to fearful, then I could see it being a problem having to co-ordinate a swap in the middle of a raid with the dps. Fortunately, we don't have that issue and things run smoothly throughout, even taking 7 trials on a run.
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