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To avoid having to have our tanks completely re-position the bosses each time they swap we only swap bosses the tanks stay put in their respective positions.

We found overall this helped limit the amount of time that the tanks were getting beat on while trying to re-position and allowed everyone to max DPS out through the whole fight with a minimum of foot movement.

This likely works for us because of where we tank the bosses, which is closer to the entrance from other videos that I've seen. The ranged/healing classes standing as a group at the point of a "V" position (closer to the entrance). For the most part they are in range of both bosses with a minimum of movement so having them swap which location they are healing/damaging isn't a big deal.

I don't think it matters which way you do it, since people clear the content using both strategies. I think once you play it a few times and get a feel for the movement you can pick a strategy that works best for the people involved.
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