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All great stuff Would love to see all of this.

I would like to add darkside/lightside point for companiosn need to be effected by our choices in someway. darkside corruption needs to be selectable on comps.

I would also like for the companion I have out to be able to walk around the ship with me. I have to dock or land to apply gifts for them and that sucks.

I have a bed on my ship but can't cozy with kira on it even though we got hitched. would love to log off with her in my arms or have future conversations in bed. think of anakin and padme sleeping together in revenge of the sith. would make the trouble of going through all those conversation seem more real to me.

NPC offspring or adopted children for same sex romances would be awesome. also the ability to add them to the family tree would be awesome.

Bottom line for me is this game is about me and my companions. I think legacy for thr ship and comps should be the reason legacy is there. I don't care about brawler moves I want my ship and comps have entire legacys about just that.

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