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05.15.2012 , 12:59 AM | #1
We have been trying to get through false emperor for the last three nights.We have probably wiped a total of 40 time over the last three nights.This being said we still have not completed false emperor in the last three nights and we have spent around 500k in repairs an stims per character.
This as well as haveing mixed the group up and stacked the group.Nothing works.Bug reports have been filled out in abundance.When we ask around we all get told the same thing you have to do this then that an so on an so on.
Understand we have completed this as a guild in the past but as of the last three days it a no go.
SO we cant get passed the content and the credits we have had to pay to go through this is freakn stupid.JUST FREAKN STUPID.
Enough of the credit sinks.
The credit sinks are ruining my experience in this game,because I have to grind out credits to pay for deaths repairs and stims that are lost at death .
If Bio Ware were freakn smart they would put in diminishing returns on deaths,this way you don't get people in a grind for credits when all people really want to do is enjoy your game.
Wake Up BIO Ware.