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EV HM used to be substantially harder than KP HM. This was fixed in 1.2 with the changes to Soa (specifically: fixing the lightning balls and tweaking the throw ability so that it CCs rather than does damage). EV HM is now easier than KP HM.

As for whether or not the nightmare modes are easier than EC story mode, I'm not really sure. My group has cleared both, and while we found the mechanics of EC to be much tighter, the sheer *numbers* on nightmare EV were problematic (e.g. 10k hit on the sage healer at *maximum* range during Gharj's pounce ability). Our execution on EV NiM was essentially flawless, and it was about as challenging as EC story mode. I feel that if we had a little more practice on EC, it would probably feel easier than EV NiM overall. So, I would say:

KP SM (ironically, puzzle droid is much harder on SM than on HM)
EV HM (fairly well tuned)
KP HM (Bonethrasher is the DPS check, Jarg Sorno healer check, all else faceroll)
EC SM (make sure you have two well-coordinated tanks and strong healers)
EV NiM (same as hard mode, just with more damage)
KP NiM (Bonethrasher's cleave is *insane*; Fabricator is annoying once again)
EC HM (good luck with Kephess…)
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