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There have been a number of threads about companions, so I pulled together most of them into one wish list. Some we know are in the works, and some we hope are in the works, and others are probably pie in the sky wishes.

Companion content:

- We are all eager for Ch. 4 to carry on our companions' stories!
-- Same Gender Romances are expected during the "story" patch.
-- More Opposite Gender Romances are hoped for. 2 per gender would be great so everyone has a choice in who they romance.
- New companion quests shouldn't include the old "Hey I need to take care of this... fade to black...I'm back! Thanks for supporting me!" type quests. We would like to go with them to help out, like we do with our first companions.
- Quests where you would have multiple companions out at the same time would be cool, put probably not in the current tech.
- Companion dailies so we would have something to do with them after we finish their quests. Affection rewards would be great for those that aren't capped!
-New letters in between story patches. (A little bone to toss us when other aspects of the game are getting love!)
- Give closure to Quinn's story. A lot of people will be angry if he isn't dealt with more thoroughly in ch. 4

Companion Looks:

- More customizations. More variety is always good!
--When we preview customizations, it would really help if we could zoom in on the face.
- More body type 3 companions in the future would be nice! Some romance-able aliens for the girls too..
- The ability to inspect other people's companions gear.
- How about a toggle for some dark side corruption?
- A lot of people would like a usable shock collar. Poor Quinn
- Let Vector, Qyzen & Jorgan show some skin when they wear Covert Armor! Likewise Ashara should show skin when she wears a slave outfit. (Any other companions with permanent under things?)

Companions on board:

- I'd like them in more prominent locations on my ships. Too many of them are tucked away in rooms I never visit. It'd be great if they'd have some animations too so they don't look like mannequins. Or interact with each other.
- A lot of people would like to freeze annoying companions in carbonite and hang them in the ship until needed.
- It would be very cool if we could use our holoterminal to re-watch old companion conversations. That would be a great legacy item!
- Send companions off to put crafting materials into the cargo hold, same as they sell grey items.
- Allow us to have a companion summoned in our ship so we can still check their gear or give them gifts.
- Show our companions sitting next to us on taxis. Maybe make some two seat speeders as well so our companions don't disappear every time we take a ride.

Romancing the companion:

- The player should be able to change their mind. If at any time they decide to end a relationship, it should end. Conversely, a lot of people would like a second chance to start a romance that they first passed on.

Married companions:

- The marriages need better recognition! A cut scene of the actual marriage would be very appreciated. (Ch. 4?)
- Their random comments and pokes should be a little more familiar than the ones you get when you first meet them!
- Unlock-able emotes for a hug or a kiss would be cute. Or a slow dance.
--Speaking of dance emotes... could the current one be lengthened or looped?
- Add them to our legacy family tree. RPers would love to show marriages and children!

Crafty companions:

-Companion gear with crafting bonuses. I think any method of making a companion's crafting bonuses match the character's actual craft would work, but this is the only idea I've seen for it.

Emoting companions:

-Companion emotes! For example /companiontickle Khem Val tickles playerx.