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1.6 DPS Gear Setup - 12/15/2012

[I]"My armoury has been updated to reflect the Elite War Hero stat changes and what I will be currently aiming for.

Things I've noticed

- The new Striker's Motivator should be avoided. Its stat allocation bends heavily into Endurance and is useless. The old Striker Motivator is seemingly a better choice. One should aim for the Elite Force-Lord's as side pieces in case they need to swap it up for balance-inspired builds.

- Most of the single pieces are 1-4 + stat upgrades. Seems worthless right? Wrong, add these up overtime through consistent min/maxing and tweaking and it will make a solid difference between standard WH vs EWH.

- Start with the Elite Stalker Bracers first. You'll be able to exchange that mod throughout several different items and you can even use the armouring from it to cover another piece of gear. (You only need 4 pieces of WH armouring to receive the set bonus not 5. This will save you time.)

Happy grinding!


1.3 DPS Gear Setup - 7/14/2012


Here lies the gear updates for the Shadow / Assassin in 1.3. An important note that I want to add to this, is creativity. The beautiful part about ToR is the ability is to mix/match gear parts. Although there's cookie cutters regardless, the important part is the numbers.

0:05-2:09 : Gear Setup and Commentary
2:11-2:22 : Keybindings



Watchmen's Jedi Shadow/ Sith Assassin PvP Hybrid Montage Guide

Ninth entry to the Shinarika PvP series that takes a whole new route. There are no standard 31/x/x specs in this video, only hybrids. Combining the aspects of Tutorial videos with Entertainment, the very video itself is a hybrid. Hope you enjoy and find the material useful. Stay tuned!

00:19-00:36 : 23/1/17 Introduction and Info
00:38-00:55 : 0/13/28 Introduction and Info
01:19-01:21 : Example 23/1/17 Spec
01:22-01:25 : Example 0/13/28 Spec
01:25-01:35 : 23/1/17 and 0/13/28 Rotations

Produced by PSI.
Edited by Shinarika.
Filmed by Shinarika.

0/14/27 "Arika":
23/1/17 "KC-Balance Hybrid":

This is an awesome spec and probably the one I am going to use for rateds. This or my own personal 13/28 Balance-Infil hybrid. Now this spec is awesome. Think of it as a more mobile Kinetic. You have the defensives of KC, but you have more mobility and burst damage. You also get insta-force lift.

The trade off is TK and Slow time. Both, of which, are excellent abilities on their own, but it is a fair trade. This spec is very supportive to the team and can pump some good burst damage. I highly recommend it to anyone who's serious about rated play.

0/13/28 (Now updated to 0/14/27)
Messing around trying to find new ways to entertain myself with my Shadow... I suddenly came up with this spec out of nowhere. I remember seeing it on "paper" and thinking "Oh gosh, that spec would perform awesome if I think it works the way I want it to!". Well, what a surprise... this spec more than fulfilled my expectations, it surpassed it.

This is a very high-damage dealing spec that features a multiple arsenal of attacks to keep you going and keep you going strong. FiB and Breach, both high internal damage (Yes, this spec utilizes Shadow Technique!) along with the SS proc... this spec is just a pure armour-penetrating build. Also known as 'the backstab' spec.

On top of the high and consistent damage, the force management is great! That's the other part that surprised me. You have so many buttons to press yet you're not force starved entirely. Granted, you must monitor your force like you would as any spec. I'm still working around getting used to this spec but I absolutely love it. The burst literally requires little to no setup and you have the ability to just keep going.


Not familiar with Shadow abilities?
Check your mirror class abilities here:

Additional Terms:
KC= Darkness
Infiltration = Deception
Balance = Madness
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