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05.14.2012 , 12:18 PM | #7

Yeah, I found it hard to find the romance variations soooo.. I started making those myself. Unfortunately, I can only really do that when my husband's not at home since he looks at me funny everytime I start replaying a conversation multiple times. The bad thing is, is that I didn't record most of the early ones for my trooper, my male IA and my female SW so I'm missing a whole lot of conversations, you know because rejecting those poor companions over and over again is just so much fun. I did load up a couple of the "rejection" vids onto youtube, mostly because I figured someone else might be curious about them since you don't see them at all for the most part.

I'll umm.. have to blitz through atleast the SW and IA again just to redo some of the conversations, especially the SW since I remember a few of the Quinn conversations really well and the response Pierce has to a comment you make near the end of his chain. I sat there laughing afterwards and forgot to hit ESC.