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ah.. the "what ifs" conversations. I remember spending a lot of time hitting escape after essentially picking the first time the conversation options that were most character appropriate for the situation. Just always bugged me that what showed up on the wheel and what the character said sometimes was just so different.

I think I need more space on my external harddrive though to store all the stuff I have Frapps, good thing there's youtube. Though it would be nice to just be able to relive some of those moments in the character story seeing as I can't remember what I did for my JC or my Trooper early on.
Ha! Once I get emotionally involved I start shooting from the hip, to the point where I scan the conversation options and choose the only one my character could possibly say in about 0.25 seconds per choice. This means I get intense, involved, exciting, and often self-defeating plots (whoops); it also means I don't remember to ESC out and record alternatives.

I've found Youtube great for checking the romance lines, since people label those clearly. Anything else - and even romance variations - can be hard to find.

In single-player RPGS back in the day I would make a named save point before major conversations. And then play and replay and replay. Heck, after I got annoyed at Corso in this game, I went back to Alistair in DA:O and broke up with him just to reassure myself that at least one guy could be honest but gracious and respectful about it.

In SWTOR I can't run off save points like that, so I can't ever revisit, play through, and discard alternatives. Kind of a downer.

...and totally not the reason I'm blitzing a second femWarrior to Act 3.
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