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Now I do think its funny when people come in with greens and blues that lvl 40 or lower. I kid you not, I saw a guy in lvl 50 pvp with a lvl 20 relic once.
I just saw the same thing yesterday. The guy had a Gladiator title, had the BM chestpiece and the rest were mid 20s to 40 gear mostly greens. I asked him why he didn't bother to get the recruit gear or at least the level 40 stuff pvp gear and he said it didn't matter since all of his gear was boosted to level 49 anyway. To think of all those wasted warzone coms makes me sick when he said he had just dinged 50 and bought the chestpiece.

I just wish that the recruit stuff sold back at a decent price to the vendor compared to how much it costs. And for those that "can't afford" it I say quit being lazy and do some dailies. Within 2 days (3 hours of playtime) you can have the money for the set and you won't be so worthless. You won't be as good as people in full WH but you shouldn't be either considering they've put the time and effort into getting that gear. I wish they had had a starter set to purchase when I first started.