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They could either not have the money or they do have the recruit gear and you just don't realize how low the HP is for it. Recruit gear is pretty useless. I constantly see people complain about 12-13k HP but that's full recruit gear HP.
I agree. I have yet to buy any recruit gear. Most of our games are huttball. I've maxed my medal count out more often than not using crafted pve 49 purples.

I would rather spend the cash on other things than throwaway gear. If you could buy the best gear in the game, I would consider it. But its so simple to get BM gear that its a waste of money.

Now I do think its funny when people come in with greens and blues that lvl 40 or lower. I kid you not, I saw a guy in lvl 50 pvp with a lvl 20 relic once.

I am editing this post to say a few more things.

Expertise will not help you do the following things:

o In huttball, when the ball carrier is a leaper, expertise will not prevent him from force leaping to you as you stand on the ledge.

o At any time, your cc/mezzzes/interrupts are not mitigated by expertise.

o Expertise does not help you jump the vents, or auto-pass for you..

o Expertise does not prevent you from being pushed into the fire, the pit or off the catwalk.

o Expertise does not enable you to detect stealth better. Likewise it does not make you more steatlhy.

o Expertise will not pop your cooldowns or relics. Nor will it tell you its time to get the buffs on the bg. It will not automagically cause you to use the ledges or catwalks.

o Expertise will not enable you to jump into a crowd of oppoents and stand in their aoe.

o Expertise will not change your keyboard turning into mouse turning.

o Expertise will not magically make you target the ball carrier or the healer with him. It will also not automatically cause you to seperate the tank using guard from his pal in some way.

I could go on and on.
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