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You are doing test with 1.5% units difference in expertise.

That doesnt show or prove anything.

Its when you have full gear vs full gear, a difference between 10% and 0%.

That 1.5% difference cant show anything viable at all, because the healing range on the spell itself is bigger than that, so for all we know the difference is purely random. You need to test with 0 and max expertise to get any viable info.

But your 1.5% is not a viable comparison.
How is it not viable? Over all 14 pieces? If I did it over 1000 pieces the trade off would still be the same +EXP - DMG BONUS, and that still assumes a 1 for one trade. Not only is that true, but as I stated previously....
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You don't understand exponential decay. The "BUFF" was slightly changing a multiplier to the log function and adding EXP to the mod and enh slots on BM and higher/adding more EXP to Cent gear(called recruit now), BUT EXPONENTIAL DECAY IS STILL THERE POST 1.2. The more you stack the less it benefits (i.e. In 1.2, 450EXP= 10%, but 900EXP= 18% (instead of 20%; for example))
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Do you want me to swap all 14? I THOUGHT these two pieces would be better simply because they are not moddable and ONLY have values controlled by BW.

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edit: The only thing your screenshots prove is that you have no clue how to properly test things.

Also, the DR for crit, surge and all that starts much sooner than expertise, so you cant count on them diminishing at the same rate, which leave expertise gaining much more than the others at higher ratings
Please tell me how you would test it? You say I haven't posted anything of substance, but you haven't posted anything... Cmon, show me where I screwed up. I'll admit I'm wrong if you show me ANYTHING that directly refutes my statements, but you can't because you don't have a sage @50 and you don't have the PvE equivs..... I have given you all the info I can on this.... So now I will just give you the last word and move on. Ready? Go....
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