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It's also disrespectful to think that people who don't buy the recruit gear are actually trying to hurt their teammates... I'm not going to lie, when I hit 50 I had barely 80k left after buying my skills for my rotation... Recruit gear is pretty expensive for a freshly hit 50. And keep in mind even if you waited 30 minutes to an hour to days, that person has waited JUST AS LONG AS YOU, and not only that, you were in the exact same boat as he or she was.
I was *never* in the same boat as them! When I hit 50 I had a champ bag in the bank, and 1k merc/wz comms to buy 5 more bags. Back then your first 50 didn't even HAVE the luxury of recruit gear. Now if I had the option of recruit gear and my BM MH as soon as I hit 50? You bet your bottom dollar I would've gathrered the money etc. from queues prior to hitting 50 so I was sure to have enough when I finally did hit 50.