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05.14.2012 , 07:38 AM | #263
You are doing test with 1.5% units difference in expertise.

That doesnt show or prove anything.

Its when you have full gear vs full gear, a difference between 10% and 0%.

That 1.5% difference cant show anything viable at all, because the healing range on the spell itself is bigger than that, so for all we know the difference is purely random. You need to test with 0 and max expertise to get any viable info.

But your 1.5% is not a viable comparison.

edit: The only thing your screenshots prove is that you have no clue how to properly test things.

Also, the DR for crit, surge and all that starts much sooner than expertise, so you cant count on them diminishing at the same rate, which leave expertise gaining much more than the others at higher ratings.