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Very Cool OP! thanks for the vid, and it's a very interesting mechanic. I may test it out, but I'm also hesitant given that it may be a mechanical loophole that Bio has not yet noticed (or simply acted on). But , as long as theirs no repercussions....I like it!

perhaps its an intended aspect of the legendary items that they didn't overlook, but noticed, and decided that it wasn't game breaking atm. very cool though, thanks for bringing it up.

now that you think about may be a consequence of the design of the legendary items interacting with the nature of the mods (which by design are removable). I don't see how it could be game breaking, other then you don't have to make more then a few mods instead of a bunch for every toon you make. that and it's still bound to the legendary....I couldn't trade across accounts unless the mods themselves were not bound before you did it. So doesn't seem to be a huge issue, but a great way to re-use those mods that are sitting in my bank atm.
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