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Valor is like your 'pvp level'
Bragging rights is part of it, you get a title for each 10 levels you reach.

It used to be the case you needed higher valor to get the better pvp gear. That was done away with in 1.2, but you still need the correct valor level if you want to wear orange pvp gear (augmented).

Your valor level is capped at your current level, until you hit level 50, and then you can keep going. 60 is battlemaster, 70 is war hero... etc

Your valor level also determines who is the leader of your pvp ops group - highest rank is the leader (as long as you join at the start)

Expertise is a stat found mostly on level 50 pvp gear (little amounts of expertise is found on some pre 50 pvp weapons, but negligible amounts)
It is there to separate pvp gear from pve gear. pvp gear has less stats than pve gear, so it is beneficial to wear pve gear over pvp gear in ops.
Wearing pve gear in a warzone will destroy you though. if you have 0 expertise, against someone with 1300 expertise, you will be taking an extra 42% damage from them.

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