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Been pottering about for a bit, decided that I won't be continuing on and will let my time expire, here's some feedback that formed my decision, I have been in the MMO scene since the old 'dial up BBS MUDS'.

1. Linear "ThemePark" is getting old. *MAJOR*

I think this is a major problem that many MMO's have to deal with, what I call the 'thempark' meme. The problem with the Themepark is that the players are totally reliant upon the developrs to keep comming up with new 'rides' all the time, if they make it too hard players get upset (aka cata in wow), if they make it too easy players burn through it.

I think that the themepark idea is old and tired.

2. Graphics.. just not that good, Character animations... terrible *MINOR BUT ANNOYING*

To me, the game engine looks old, the animations look incredibly stiff, compared to even old WoW Paladin, my Empre Bounty hunter looks lifeless, the running/walking animations look just horrible and even though they did add some 'fidget' animations for an idle character, it is so robotic that it breaks immersion.

3. Grindy, booring quests

Another problem with MMo's... by level 5 I was dealing with 'go kill X of Y to collet N of Z bear asses', having collected the Sci Fi equic of bear asses, I'm sent back again to get bear teeth, argh... by level 11 I had had enough of this.

4. Bad voice acting does not make boring quests interesting.

The dialogue options began to annoy me after a while, the voice acting/animations are stiff and lifeless and the voice acting lacks any sort of light/shade, Dues Ex somehow managed to pull this off very well but somehow SWTOR took this idea and made it bland.

5. Clunky combat mechanics...

Even by level 11 I had a pile of buttons to mash, don't even want to think about what level 50 would be like.
And I'm not even going to comment on the so-called space combat mini-game, frm what I have seen n Youtube it looks like somethign form the early 90's arcade scene.

In short... Themepark MMOs with linear, grindy and dull questing combined with sub-standard voice acting and graphics will not enjoy success, the days of ThemePark MMO's are over.

I've had my EVE toon training up some skills last week or so, I'll be continuing EVE Online and leaving SWTOR on the shelf.


You have me curious--I'm not disputing anything you stated as I have my own criticisms of the game because of which I unsubbed--but at 11th level, you haven't really done or accomplished anything except maybe finish Hutta (which I usually do at 12) and head to the Imp fleet to select your AC and your crew I'm wondering as to how you came to all these conclusions after playing the game for such a short time....

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