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05.13.2012 , 03:30 PM | #13
I'll agree that SWTOR isn't perfect, and is in some respects like a lot of the other MMO's. If the only reason you're playing is to kill stuff, then I suppose one game is much like another --- if you enjoy the story; however, I think that they did a nice job with the various class quest storylines. Yes, it gets tiresome to have to go kill a bunch of things to gather teeth or whatever (and tiresome that apparently not everything you kill HAS teeth), but the bonus exp quests that you acquire while doing the main quests are a really nice feature, and the game has other features that are interesting ... like the class quests.

I don't know what class you rolled, but I'd suggest you try something different -- it shouldn't take more than an evening or two to get off your starter planet, and your class quest doesn't really get going until you at least make it to your capital world. Personally, I've really enjoyed the storylines for my Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent. It only becomes kinda sad when you hit 50 and your class story line runs out --- then you have to hunt up things to do that get you gear and such. With 8 classes to roll for storylines, it'll be a while before I'll run out of new content, and by then, perhaps some new content will emerge that will give my level 50 toons something to do besides chase gear.

Since you still have subscription time -- give it another go ... it certainly can't hurt and you may find a class you enjoy.

P.S. I do; however, agree about the space combat -- it's clunky and really not fun. Luckily there's a lot more to do than that, and it isn't required to advance your storyline.