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Great little guide and very useful additional comments.

I have played MMOs since the early days, and often get surprized as to how it is that these days, lots of players do not even wonder about group mechanics and just jump in.

I personally prefer to be either a healer or a tank. On my tank (my favourite by far) Guardian, I am stumped at times how players completely ingore the threat concept and just hurl in, wipe the whole group and then think they did a great job.

It is true. When you play your role well, you can handle a lot. Last night I was in a group when we had to do a really tough quest, with lots of adds. The first round ended up in a wipe, but when we gathered, reconsidered our strategy and we all stuck to our role more stricktly, we had a relatively easy time with the whole room.

This is really what makes these kind of games very fun. Granted, the Guardian has limited tools to be an effective tank, though if you improvise and the group is a bit patient, then you can hold aggro just fine.

Rule of thumb: let the tank go in, and give him about 5-10 secs to build threat, and only then start attacking and healing. Then you are off a much better start then when everyone just starts bashing from the beginning.

Have fun playing!