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As an Avid Main tank player I do have this to add about the classic dynamics posted above.

In the Old Republic Tanks (at least a Guardian Tank) may have issues getting the aggro of every mob in a boss fight. Usually they have to focus to just hold the Boss and perhaps one of the other tougher Mobs. Taunts are limited and less powerful in this MMO than in many others.

So be aware when your DPSing. moving from weak to strong targets is very key, as well as focusing fire (everyone attacking the same target). By doing this you allow the tank to taunt and AoE and have an easier time building the Aggro.

Also best thing to do when in a group and things start to go badly in a fight, DON'T throw in the towel! Fight hard until the wipe is complete. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish when pushed. I was tanking a boss and our two DPS went down pretty quickly, but the healer kept working hard to heal me and while it took a long time for me to DPS down the boss, we eventually killed the boss. In a way it made it easier for us to manage the fight and me to keep aggro of the boss. Plus gave me an appreciation for the healer I grouped with.