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Hi Chris, thanks for the post. As you can see, there already have been a couple people which you have already helped. Coming from a MT (main tank) and healer, I just wanted to focus a bit more on the "Aggro" mechanic you were talking about in your post and to add a little something to help the dps not die.

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NOTE- AGGRO. Another thing to consider is 'aggro'. This is a mechanic that the mob uses to determine which one of your group to attack.
Aggro is not the mechanic that the mob uses to determine which one is to be attacked. What you are referring about is Threat. Aggro is just another name for being attacked, Not the mechanic itself (Eg... I took aggro! Help!!!). The more threat someone has, the higher chance that person will be taking the aggro. Think of this mechanic as how angry you are making the mob. The more angry you make them, the more likely they are to attack you. The tank should have the highest threat on everything that the group is attacking. This is something that the DPS Needs to keep an eye on. What i mean by this is if the DPS starts seeing that the mob turns away from the tank and starts attacking them, they have built up enough threat for that mob to start ignoring the tank and turn to them instead. When this happens, they need to start slowing down on the attacking to reduce the ammount of threat they have OR if they have a way to remove threat completly (sort of like the Sentinel's force camoflage), they should be using that.

The second thing i wanted to touch on (and i have seen it more times than I can remember) is primarily for the DPS players out there. Please Please Please, if you do get attacked... Please do not run around like a chicken with its head cut off if or when you start getting attacked. In order for your groups healer to be able to heal you, 2 things are required to be present.

1) You must be within range of the healer - If you start to get attacked and run away trying to get away from that mob which is attacking you, you have to consider that you might be running out of range of your healer. If you get out of range, their heals will not be able to reach you and you are as good as dead

2) LOS (Line of sight) - You may be within the range of the healer but if you find yourself with a big pillar in the way blocking the line of sight of the healer, they will not be able to see you and then they cannot see you, they will not be able to heal you. So how to do avoid this? Easy, if you can see the healer, they can see you.
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