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While I appreciate the hard work that likely went into this guide.

Honestly, truely, there are only a few useful crew skills a the moment. And this applies to all classes.

While your leveling, cybertech (+scavenging and underworld trading) will help you make armor and mods for your moddable armor for you and your companion. You can use your commendations to buy enhancements. The enhancements aren't optimal, but hey, its just for leveling.

You'll also get gifts from underworld trading to give to your companions.

At level 50, you use cybertech to make a set of epic armor and mods for you and your companion. You will do the daily +2 quest on Ilum to get epic enhancements for you and your companion.

Then you drop cybertech like a bad habit and pick up biochem (+bioanalysis and diplomacy).

You work up biochem and diplomacy until you can make a set of rakata stims. Yeah, the rakata stims got nerfed. So what. They are reusable and they work just fine.

Once you have your set of rakata stims, you drop bioanalysis and pick up slicing. You have to keep biochem in order to be able to use your rakata stims. You'll use slicing to get credits + slicing parts + schematics and missions you can sell. You will use diplomacy to get crew gifts and to increase your light (or dark) score to light V or dark V.

And that is how crew skills work in this game. Anything else you pick is basically, literally, of little value except for roleplay reasons or just because you feel its interesting. Patch 1.2 didn't do anything to change that.

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