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12.17.2011 , 08:30 PM | #2
I had a similar situation, where I DC'd halfway through the flashpoint. I was able to log back on fairly quickly but when I grouped back up I got a message stating that I was entering an encounter already in progress and asking if I wanted to reset the instance. Of course I did NOT want to go back through half the instance again (the flashpoints can be rather lengthy for two people) but after clicking reset, it actually still put us back where we were..not the beginning.

I think regardless of what you select you will be "saved" to whatever progress you have made that day, since I believe I read somewhere these can only be completed once per day. the reasoning is probably so that people don't continuously run the flashpoints over and over to gear/level really fast...just my guess. But yeah, whatever progress you have made for the day does not seem to be "resetable". Of course I could be wrong, but it didn't reset for me...and as I said I do remember reading somewhere the flashpoints were supposed to be doable once per day.