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05.12.2012 , 06:55 PM | #27
My raid used it last night and saw the same thing (Incidently im the one who posted on the swmonitor forums about it).

From the reply i got there, it seems if u dont regen the raid key shortly before u use it, it may cause problems.

Ill br trying again tonite with fresh raid key as we start, and see how it goes. Would love to use this, as it allows much greater degree of live detail than competitors.

Had a mara who was using it say numbers from their healing aura thing seemed quite strange in the healing graph (extremely high, beating both healers in 8m at times on HM Kephess) I couldnt see the graph cause of teh disconnect issue, so just taking his word for it.

He also mentioned threat oddities with vanish. Ive seen most live things have big troubles with this, so im guessin it'll just be one of those things they'll slowly get better at detailing.