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05.12.2012 , 02:14 PM | #5
We had the bug where his AOE at 60% was killing us no matter how far we ran, that happened 3 or 4 times last night. Beyond that, We were having some lag issues and taunts not going off when people said they taunted. Now the taunt thing could them lying or what, but that isn't as much a bug but just input lag. The AOE thing was annoying, was funny cause it wouldn't kill everyone, we would all be stacked, and then bam 2/3 or so would just drop dead from near full HP.
We also had a bug during the second phase and adds well beyond the shield would reflect the damage and kill people, but that only happened once or twice.
Beyond that bug I would agree the rest of the fight is just a matter of the fight being a step up. the majority of the fight is not even that hard to heal once people do things right. The final stage we could only get into twice, so we are still learning how the damage goes out as healers. twice out of like 15 tries, so I don't mind that level of progression. Was hopping the rest would have been harder to be honest, we more or less one shot the 3rd fight and the 2nd we did in a handful of wipes. The first we had some issue when he was bugged and that reflex debuff would hit people, so the added movement having them swap bosses had us hitting the enrage a few times.
But back the the last boss.. the few bugs and the long run back make the fight take longer to master then it would for sure. but I would say that the OP has issues prob more with just practicing the mechanics more and tightening up the DPS and Strat.
And yea the issues on the final phase is def us just not seeing it as much as we would have liked our first couple nights in there. Def think we need to tighten up our gameplay more then anything.