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12.17.2011 , 08:13 PM | #5
There is a reason games force "clicking" on the screen and have tight rules to remove people who are AFK - Bots. It's simple for a program to just send keypresses through, e.g. tapping the space bar so the player would not get kicked all match. I think you get 60 seconds to move out of the starting area though, which is 2 cycles, so that should be enough even for people with slow machines (I have an SSD raid in my gaming rig, and it's almost instant between dying and appearing back at base - so I assume it can't take more than a few seconds on an average physical disk drive.)

It's a problem that's plagued WoW for years. Of course there are bots that can also move the cursor and click, but there's a lot more to doing that than using something to send a key press every X seconds (I could build a usb device to do that in an hour.)

So I'd vote no, especially to your first suggestion. Anything that helps reduce bots is a good thing. And let's face it, you're not going to be running out to get a new mouse every day! For those few times where it may kick someone who has some RL issue, it's well worth it compared to the alternative (try playing any BG's in WoW late at night - 40-50% bots at times - it's hopeless to try to get anything done!)