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Someone smarter than me will be able to come in with actual numbers and such, but I will help you understand what diminishing return IS. Basically, after a certain threshold in a given stat, additional points in that stat are significantly less effective. For example, if you were getting 1% crit for every X points of crit on gear, beyond 35% you'll get less than 0.5% additional crit for that same X value on more gear with crit. Pay no attention to the actual numbers, as they are completely off the top of my head and not supported by evidence; I use them only to make my point.

Diminishing return can also be used with certain abilities. I'm not entirely sure if it works the same here, as I have not pvp'd all that much, but in that 'other' game, each time a player is effected by a 'crowd control' ability within a certain amount of time, each one is less effective until they are immune for a short time. This is another way diminishing returns can be applied.
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