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This guide seems pretty elementary and not that useful.
Buying the most expensive pieces of Battlemaster first is the cheapest 4 pieces that get you your 2 set bonuses first. Then buy the cheapest pieces, generally.
Man, I should have written this guide.
I'm glad you think it's elementary, because it's designed for novice players. The experienced PvP'er should already know these things. What this does provide is a foundational platform to stand upon.

With all due respect, you're wrong about the mandatory purchase of cheapest pieces first. It really comes down to identifying your weakest link and biggest bang for your buck. I'm adding a section on this in the future and if you'd like to help edit/write portions of it, I would certainly welcome it.

If you want to identify portions of this guide that you want to write, please do so, and I would love to incorporate your knowledgebase with my own so that together, we can help increase the learning curve for the averge newb.

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Being both informative and with a positive tone,
Thanks, the objective is to help use positive reinforcement to, as stated above, to increase the learning curve of the beginning PvPer, and to dispel common myths that keep people from moving forward.

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good info, mang. Two links in sig to guides I wrote which might be applicable, slightly more in depth. dirty hate mongering imperials need not read!

Edit: its a warzone strategy guide, not a beginners guide, but whatever.
Thanks for the additions, I'll read them through and either incorporate snippets or link the guide accordingly. Thanks a bunch, friend.

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-Try to call out the healers on the other side. This really helps people focus on players that need to be consistently killed, CC'd, and otherwise annoyed out of their minds.
In addition to some of the other stuff you mentioned, I want to add a section dedicated to using markers. This is especially useful because now anyone in the group can use them, so you can mark the healers for insatnce and tell everyone in your group who to target, etc etc. All in due time. Trying to polish what we have before I add more chapters.