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So we've been attempting to down 8 man HM Kephess. We can one shot every boss in the instance except this guy. We have an admittedly Consular heavy group, consisting of usually 2 Shadow tanks, 1 Sage healer, 1 Sage DPS, 1 Scoundrel healer, 1 Commando DPS, 1 Shadow DPS, and a Gunslinger. So, we're encountering a few things I thought I'd ask you guys about, perhaps you're having the same issues.

For starters, when the shielded adds spawn, it seems as though we take too much time on them (and with 3 melee, the AoE isn't exactly happening ) as the next group spawns fairly quickly. On Story Mode, once we down the first group, we're literally waiting 10 seconds for the next ones to spawn in. DPS problem do you think?

Secondly, after the Pulsar Droids are downed and the boss comes out, we have one tank pick him up and move him away from the group. He casts that 3 second DoT on the tank periodically and we haven't been switching once that comes up, not sure if we should be. The healers can usually heal over it but the tanks are still getting hit for around 10k even with defensive CD's up.

We don't really have any problems until we actually begin to DPS Kephess. We can kill the adds/Pulsar Droids/Battlewalker very easily, DPS is not lacking. But the tanking really seems to be an issue. I am one of the tanks and it gets very....grueling constantly taking such large hits. We're getting hit for anywhere from 5-20k damage. We swap after "Gift of the Masters", then do the usual swap while he's casting "Breath of the Masters" as you should. But the tanks are still tanking monstrous amounts of damage.

So, to be clear, I'm not certain that this should be happening or perhaps we're not swapping at the correct times. Also, this could just come down to a composition problem. We're all in either full Rakata gear or half Campaign gear, so I doubt it's a gear check situation, but again, anything is a possibility.

Any help you guys could offer would be greatly appreciated!
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