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05.11.2012 , 09:40 PM | #45
I have the same COMPLAINT about about that. Either the developer failed and it's a glitch or they failed in the keybinding system. In any case I have the same situations but with different buttons and bindings and solutions. PLEASE FIX THIS SO I CAN ENJOY THE GAME. Who TF autoruns in a direction anyway? Makes me #SMH

My movement is on numberpad and Shift+ any movement binding causes my guy to sapper run into some serious **** and dies. Makes me rage at this game. Especially in PVP and I get no respect too.... To fix it I need to figure out the direction Im moving and then hit Control+ that key to stop him. Do you know how hard that was for me? Damn, I kept dieing SO MANY times before I figured that out. *Sigh* I suck at this game. Who the **** autoruns like that??