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This guide seems pretty elementary and not that useful.

Buying the most expensive pieces of Battlemaster first is the cheapest 4 pieces that get you your 2 set bonuses first. Then buy the cheapest pieces, generally.

Learn to double up at nodes. Any node you own should have 2 defenders, not 1. This discourages stealthers and loners from even heading your way at all...which avoid excess inc calls which saves time for your team overall and is much more benefit than adding one more to the zerg. If you can't take a second node with 6 people, you aren't going to do it with 7, either...and even if you did the respawned enemies would have a headstart for your single-defended node by the time you mop up.

As a newbie, never do anything alone. Just help put your teammates over the top...added DPS or a couple heals in the right places will allow your team to win 1v1 fights they might have lost otherwise. Interrupt healers whenever you can.

Defending is a good place for you. If you are brand new and your node is being attacked, make sure *you* call out the inc, and let the better geared players save that precious half-second.

Defending a node. Sweep in circles and snatch up the DPS powerups when they spawn...not for your use, but to make them unavailable for attackers to scoop up on their way in. Got killed? Go right back to it immediately and keep them from capping it, unless you know for sure the node is a goner. If anyone is going to suicide to hold the node until help arrives, it makes sense that it's you, the ungeared player. Just stay alive and keep them off the node as best you can. This can easily save a game right there, because a lost node is a pain to get back.

Huttball: Stay on high ground when you can, but when you are defending from high ground and the ballcarrier is heading your way *stay out of the enemies line of sight* unless you *know* they cannot leap to you...otherwise you are simple giving them a free ride to your position for an easy capture. Use your knockbacks where ever possible to drive opponents down off the ramps. Make them run around again.

Man, I should have written this guide.