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Screenshots for a scattershot selection of moddable medium armor, including some of these uniforms:

Any gear not named in the picture title (or the link description below) is just Quinn's default uniform from Balmorra. Only exception is the head slot microphone, which is Armormech's level 29 Light Battle Headgear. If you're looking for something specific it may help to use the Tags (should be a blue tab hanging down from Photobucket's blue header) to select an armor slot.

Items named above: Hooligan's set (BoE, Agent/Warrior only). Leggings, headgear, jacket.
TH-16A Master Medic set. Suit (chest), Boots, Gloves, Leggings, Headgear.
RD-04B Sharpshooter boots and leggings.
RD-06B Eliminator Jacket and leggings.

EDIT: Derp, as Kalterien pointed out:
RD-03A Recon Jacket, here shown with the not-at-all-matching Dread Corsair Elite Gloves. I don't have the RD-03A recon pants available.
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