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That was my post to which you are referring, and no I do not have a lack of knowledge regarding the difference between expertise and non-expertise. I was trying to make 2 points.

1. Recruit gear is useless for PVE, because ALL it has is expertise, besides that it is worse than most lvl 47-49 blue gear. Saying it adds power and surge, so does PVE gear. I know, when you mouse over a piece of gear at a vendor, it will show you all of that... Trust me, the recruit gear was inferior to what I already had.

2. I dinged 50 on Sunday, and had full BM by Thursday. People keep saying Recruit gear is not expensive. "Expensive" is a matter of opinion, and IMO 330k for armor you are only going to wear for THREE DAYS, and ONLY in PVP, is too expensive.
Actually it wildly depends on class when it comes to the stats. Unless you want to spend several 100k upgrading your pve oranges you can just buy select pieces of recruit gear to run hard modes with. Recruit set+WH weapon is a very good start for both pvp and pve. Sure some classes doesnt have the luxory of good stat distribution, but some do. It also depends how fast you grind PvP, it lasts longer for some. Plus credits are expendable, you have absolutely no use for them in this game after hitting 50, except wasting it on stuff that doesnt really matter.