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And why do you think that your respawn zone is at south?
Then other team apparently is start at north? And from their point of view your «East» is actually «West»..
East-West is lame.

Right-Left is more suitable and correct for BOTH teams.
And more easealy understandable by all the people.. Because at any occasions people definately know where is his right arm and where is left.
Just go to the strret and make an poll - ask people where is his right and left and then ask where is east and west. Compare the results of correct answers and time the people take to make the answers .
I guess you never look at your map?

The point of using E/W is that it is impossible to use it incorrectly, unless you failed 3rd grade Social Studies and don't understand the concept of cardinal directions.

Calling E/W has become standard convention on my server. I'm just hoping for established consistency for when cross server WZs come.
The CS in this game is amazing. It takes a certain amount of skill to turn a fan into an unsubscriber in 4 short hours.