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Hey Empire players! Like the look of an Imperial Officer? Want to keep that look while leveling? Well, here's a list of Custom (orange) gear that you can equip to achieve that look. (All items are Medium armour.)

Note: Most of these armour choices are based on the standard grey Imperial Officer uniform.

I. Imperial Agent only
A. Bind on Equip
B. Bind on Pick up

II. Usable by Players/Companions
A. Bind on Pick up
B. Bind on Equip

I. Imperial Agent only

A. Bind on Equip:

The items in this section can only be worn by the Imperial Agent class.

B. Bind on Pickup:

The following items can only be acquired by Imperial Agents; however, unlike the BoE gear mentioned above, they are not restricted to the Imperial Agent class. Therefore, IA companions (like Doctor Lokin, Ensign Temple) may wear these as well.

II. Usable by Players/Companions

For those of you who want your Imperial officer companions (like Malavai Quinn, Talos Drelik) to keep that snazzy uniform for as long as possible. Also usable by any companion with Cunning as their primary attribute.

Everything listed below can be equipped by Empire players as well, as long as they can wear Medium armour.

A. Bind on Pick up:

Imperial uniform gear from Flashpoints, Operations and commendations.

B. Bind on Equip:

Most of these are random drops (or if you're lucky, you may find them on the GTN).